ELUXE Awards 2020: Sustainable Luxury Excellence

Eluxe Award’s fourth edition was a special one for me personally, as it is the very first edition in which I am judging myself- what an honor! But let me tell you that, it wasn’t easy at all, considering all the wonderful nominees we had during this edition.

For those who don’t know, The Eluxe Awards is the world’s first-ever awards presentation honoring excellence in the vegan, sustainable luxury market. For four years now, Eluxe has been choosing the best of the best in the realm of sustainable luxury and honoring them with the Eluxe Award, the first of its kind in the industry.

Meet The Judges

Within others, you could find some amazing people in the judging panel, such as my dear friend Patrick Duffy of Global Fashion Exchange, Lady Charlotte Lynham, Founder of the Bespoke Black Book; Vanessa Rae, Television/Web Presenter; Kenny Jackson-Forrest, Style & Trashion Founder and Trashion Forward Author and more.

The Judging process focused on four things: brand’s concept, aesthetics, ethics & sustainability and ease of website navigation. You can find the full list of winners on ELUXE Magazine, but let me introduce you to some of my favorite winners of our 2020 awards!

Best Fashion or Beauty Luxury Brand of the Year WinnerBenedetti Life

If you think the sustainable fashion world is lacking some sophistication, Benedetti Life will probably make you think again. Founded by award-winning designer Matea Benedetti, truly embraces vegan luxury fashion in a sustainable way. Transparency is in the core ethos of this brand, and you can find the production details of each individual item in its description. I LOVE the fresh eye-catching styles and truly appreciate the attention to detail, such as including a description of vegetable ivory buttons and the inclusion of their ecological certifications like GOTS. Benedetti feels young, fresh, fun, cool but still elegant.

100% vegan? yes

Best Up and Coming Ethical Brand WinnerBeFlamboyant

BeFlamboyant is a brand I personally know for a long time and have been working with, and it seems to be ticking all the points when it comes to ethics, which are in the core of the brand, being fully vegan and ethically made with a lot of transparency about the production process on their well-designed website. I highly appreciate the attention the young couple behind this brand to every detail- from being unisex, to using more eco-conscious materials. From using zero-waste packaging made of recycled and recyclable cardboard and seed paper to shunning the use of any plastic. The brand also collaborates with the amazing NGO One Tree Planted, and donate 1 Euro from every pair of sneakers sold to plant a tree and support reforestation, which I highly appreciate!

100% vegan? yes

People’s Choice WinnerElate Cosmetics

ELATE Cosmetics won our last year’s ELUXE Award for the best up and coming beauty brand, and it wins again, for a good reason: they truly set an example for the beauty community. The brand is a fully-vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly and sustainable natural beauty brand. Their products are ethically made in Canada and they only use sustainable, refillable bamboo packaging, making it a zero-waste-friendly brand. The brand offers customers to build a customized makeup palette, allowing you to choose your essentials and avoid unnecessary product waste. ELATE’s reasonable pricing ensures that its high quality, chemical-free products are available to all people in all income brackets.

100% vegan? yes

I absolutely love the fact that the brand is highly transparent and supports important causes through their work by donating 2% of sales to charitable causes each year through their Social and Environmental Impact program.

Ethical Brand of the Year WinnerTildArt

Tildart is a London-based sustainable, ready to wear brand using sustainable, recycled and upcycled materials. The founder, Matilda Janosi, was first inspired to do so when she noticed an abundance of bicycle inner tubes being wasted in London. She realized that neither her expertise in upcycling nor these materials should go to waste, and started making chic jewelry and accessories from them. Time passed and she has expanded her offerings to include fashion made from upcycled and sustainable materials.

100% vegan? No, but offers many vegan options

Best Menswear WinnerEcoStylist

Looking for nice ethical and sustainable men’s clothing? look no further than Eco-Stylist, an online marketplace offering anything from hemp-based trousers to upcycled hats- just for men! The strict criteria of Eco-Stylist make it easy and reliable for the conscious shopper, and personally, I really like the labels eco-stylist has under each item (for example, vegan), and the friendly chat allowing you to connect directly with the founder of this marketplace. I am definitely gonna recommend it to my fellow male friends!

100% vegan? No, but offers may vegan options.

Best Vegan Beauty Brand WinnerStudio Botanic

I first got to know studio botanic when visiting NEONYT: their face cream was in one of the NEONYT goodie bags and I’ve loved them ever since! This Germany-based brand is fully cruelty-free and vegan and they use natural, raw ingredients. I really love the fact they are gender-neutral and minimalistic and their formulation seems to be super high quality and potent, especially in their face cream which I’ve used during night time!

100% vegan? yes

Vegan Brand Of The Year WinnerSvala

This Scandi vegan luxury brand uses eco-friendly materials like cork and plant-based leathers to create their stunning, versatile bag. Their shoulder bag with an adjustment of straps, meaning you get two styles with one purchase. The meaning behind the name Svala in Icelandic is swallow, and the swallow bird is a symbol of love, loyalty, freedom, and hope in many cultures – everything that Helga, founder of the brand, wanted Svala to stand for.

100% vegan? yes

Congratulations to all the winners, and see you during the Fifth ELUXE Awards next year!

Thank you to Chere Di Boscio, Editor-In-Cheif of ELUXE for this opportunity, and to all our wonderful nominees!

Until next time,