2019 Eluxe Awards: Fashion Tech Designer Julia Daviy Wins Best Luxury Fashion Brand

or the first time, 3D-Printing hits the Eluxe Awards. The winner of the 2019 Eluxe Awards is Julia Daviy.

The high fashion Miami-based designer uses zero waste 3D printing to create its garments, but with a twist. Unlike most 3D printed fashion that uses plastics, designer Julia Daviy uses flexible and recyclable materials. She also lines the clothes made with organic cotton blend, recycled econyl fabric and ahimsa silk organza.

Eluxe Awards’ judges declared: “I love how this innovation in technology has made way for cruelty free, eco friendly, close to zero waste fashion through 3D printing. The 3D printing also allows for more bespoke pieces that would fit each individual’s body perfectly.”

After thanking the jury, Julia Daviy declared: “I believe that 3D printing of clothing is the most sustainable way of fashion industry development. Actually that is the beginning of the new age in fashion where each piece of clothing is customized and produced with almost zero waste, and with the highest ethical standards. According to our forecast, the market of 3D-printed clothing and accessories will reach its tipping point of $1 bln sales under 2025 and will grow exponentially”, said the3D printing designer, inventor and founder of 3D Printed Clothing Lab /Miami/.

Julia Daviy has a Bachelor in Environmental Science, a Master in International Economics and a specialization in 3D Printing from the University of Illinois as well as a specialization in Design Thinking from the University of Virginia Darden School of Business.