Meet The Winners Of The Eluxe Awards 2022

The winners of the 2022 Eluxe Awards show how luxury and sustainability go hand in hand!

By Chere Di Boscio

Has it really been SIX YEARS of the Eluxe Awards? Yes indeed, it has been precisely that long since we launched the world’s first ever accolades for excellence in the sustainable luxury market. Our platform has contributed to bringing exposure to all those labels that have made a difference in making our planet more sustainable – but without neglecting quality and style!

Our judges this year included Bespoke Black Book editor and publicist Lady Charlotte Lynham,Kenny Jackson-Forrest, the founder of Style & Trashion, Noa Ben Moshe, fashion journalist and founder of the vegan blog Style with a Smile, and model and sustainable lifestyle advocate Daniela Christiansson.

See their decisions, and what impressed them most about the winners of the Eluxe Awards 2022, below.

The Winners Of The 2022 Eluxe Awards

Best Vegan Fashion Brand

Maylyn & Co

Home is not only where the heart is, but it’s where more and more of us are working! That’s why our judges chose Maylyn & Co as the Best Vegan Fashion Brand this year. This PETA-approved label is exceptional in the way it embraces sustainability from seed to fabric. They use only the most ethical and sustainable fabrics to create their pyjamas, lingerie and loungewear.

What impressed our judges: The brand’s luxurious Persian Lotus Silk. It has all the qualities of real silk – without the cruelty!

Winners Of The 2022 Eluxe Awards

Ethical Brand Of The Year


Taming and shaping our locks can be tough. Straightening, colouring and styling our hair often damages the cuticles, and even the roots! Mayraki is a clean, vegan-friendly hair care brand that has the answer to all our styling woes, thanks to their comprehensive range of all-natural hair products. Mayraki effortlessly provides solutions for all kinds of hair, making their range highly valued by beauticians and customers world wide.

What impressed our judges: Lots of hair care brands smooth hair and protect it from damage. But there are very few indeed that stop grey hair in its tracks! Mayraki has creating an innovative product that uses the latest hair care technology to restore grey or white hair to its original colour by boostingmelanin production at the bulb and helping to stimulate the natural pigmentation of hair during its regrowth phase.

This innovation is why our judges granted Mayraki the Ethical Brand of the Year award.


Best Ethical Home Brand


Whether you’re old or young, rich or poor, one thing is true: you’ll have to clean stuff up a lot! The only problem is that most household cleaners are actually really bad for the environment, your pets, and your own health, too.

Luckily, Pikoc makes detergents, mists and soaps that are gentle, effective, non-toxic and biodegradable. They’re also certified by EcoCert, and provide ecological, refillable packaging.

What impressed our judges: Not only is Pikoc a healthy alternative to chemical detergents of all kinds, but they’ve gone the extra mile by making their products smell delicious. The French based brand uses the power of plant based perfumes to make your house smell wonderfully fresh and clean.


Best Vegan Beauty Brand

Le Rouge Francais

Le Rouge Francais specialises in deep, rich red lipsticks. They’re wonderfully pigmented, last for ages, and come in gorgeous packaging. But what impressed our judges so much about this brand was the fact that all this colour is achieved without any toxic chemicals, or squashed insects – the typical ways of making red lipsticks! Of course LRF also makes other colour cosmetics, too – including lip gloss, mascara and nail polishes. And like their lipsticks, all are non-toxic and vegan – and did we mention those colours? Rich, rich, rich!

What impressed our judges: Besides the luscious hues this cosmetic brand offers, the judges also lauded their refillable packaging.

Winners Of The 2022 Eluxe Awards

Best Clean Beauty Brand


Lavios seems to have achieved the impossible: they’ve created a cosmetics brand that’s good for us, AND the planet! All the ingredients of their naturally hued, seriously beautifying lipsticks are made from plant-based ingredients. But that’s not all: their packaging is made from recyclable materials. Lavios aims to be 100% plastic free, too. At the moment, that’s not possible, but on their website, they do solicit advice as to how they can end plastic completely. This is a brand that’s really trying to make quality products, without harming the Earth!

What impressed our judges: Mica is a common cosmetics ingredient to add sparkle to products. It’s often sourced by child labour. But Lavios is one of the few makeup brands that only uses certified ethical mines for their mica.

Winners Of The 2022 Eluxe Awards

Best Sustainable Luxury Beauty Brand

Floral Street

Floral Street is a luxury vegan beauty brand that recreates comforting scents found in nature in every fragrance, body cream, candle and diffuser. The owner of the brand, Michelle Feeney, can tell you where an ingredient is from and how it was farmed. She only sources her ingredients from experts in sustainable raw, natural materials. The result is a range of unique fragrances, such as Neon Rose, Wild Vanilla Orchid,Black Lotus, Ylang Ylang Espresso, and many more.

What impressed our judges: In order to be luxurious, a brand must have fabulous packaging. And Floral Street certainly does! Our judges were impressed with these products because their external cartons are printed with vegetable and soy-based inks. Plus, they and the glass fragrance bottles inside are recyclable.

Winners Of The 2022 Eluxe Awards

Best Sustainable Luxury Fashion Brand

The MorphBag

This isn’t the first time the MorphBag has won an Eluxe Award – they did so in 2020 and 2021 too. But this year, the award is more deserved than ever.

As many vegans know, PU leather saves animals, but it’s not as eco-friendly as, say, cork. But when it’s recycled PU…well, that’s another story. The MorphBag creates their totes, clutches and crossbodies with recycled PU leather, and is completely transparent about their supply chain.

What impressed our judges: The judges praised the recycled materials the bags are made from, as well as the 100% Fair Trade certified and GOTS accredited cotton dust bags. They also lauded the versatile design of the reversible tote bag, and the fact that three trees are planted for every purchase.

Winners Of The 2022 Eluxe Awards

Best Slow Fashion Brand


“Slow fashion with purpose” is Hyph-n’s motto. This brand of womenswear is the brainchild of Saskia Baur-Schmid, semi-finalist at the Redress Design Award 2021. The Aussie designer combines damaged and industry surplus textiles with recycled textiles, focusing on natural and low impact materials to create trans-seasonal and timeless pieces. The result is a sophisticated collection that will forever stay in your wardrobe, ready to be passed onto the next generation.

What impressed our judges: This is a brand with some serious style and innovation. For example? When a pair of zero waste trousers they were making was discovered to have a design error, instead of throwing the sample in the bin, Hyph-n decided to rework it into a stunning zero waste jacket instead. That’s the kind of innovation that impressed our judges!


Best Ethical Fashion Brand


Perhaps one of the most surprising winners of the Eluxe Awards 2022 is Jebsispar.

India has an ancient tradition in exquisite craftsmanship, and Jebsispar banks upon its country’s culture. Although many fashion brands outsource to India for cheap, exploitative labour, family-owned Jebsispar pays their garment workers fairly, and ensures proper working conditions to their artisans. The label is also dedicated to reviving the tradition of handwoven cotton that India was once famous for.

What impressed our judges: Judges were impressed that the brand uses Fair Trade, non-GMO cotton in their creations, and that they also upcycled old Indian textiles into new garments. (They did criticise the brand for not having a ‘proper website’, though.)

Best Up and Coming Ethical Brand

Art de Parfum

This independent vegan brand takes a highly ethical approach to perfumery.All Art de Parfum fragrances are 100% cruelty-free, environmentally-friendly and non-GMO. No ingredient is used if it’s animal derived, harmful to human health or the environment, or if it comes from an endangered source.

Their recyclable bottles are topped with sustainably-planted wood, and house a wide variety of sensuous, interesting perfumes. These include refreshing Sea Foam, tangy Gin & Tonic, and the spicy, woody Le Joker.

What impressed our judges: The judges were impressed by the brand’s avoidance of rare materials, even though they’d qualify as ‘natural’ and ‘vegan’. For example, oud is a popular extract used by many natural perfume brands. However, it comes from the agar tree, which has been declared endangered by CITIES. The only way to guarantee that oud oil is ethical is to find a sustainable plantation. Art de Parfum knows of no such place. So instead of using oud, it employs a plant-derived oil called cypriol. This gives off the same woody, smoky nuances of oud and sandalwood, but does no harm to endangered trees.

Given the dangers of nanoparticles to human health and the environment, judges were also impressed that Art de Parfum pointed out that they don’t use them (though many cosmetic brands do). Hats off for raising awareness on this little-discussed issue!

Winners Of The 2022 Eluxe Awards

People’s Choice Award


We asked our social media followers to choose their favourite brand. Though it was a close call between Hyph-n and Lavios, the latter won. Congrats to both brands for being so popular, and to Lavios for their second accolade this year!

Winners Of The 2022 Eluxe Awards

Which were your favourite winners of the Eluxe Awards 2022? Let us know in the comments, below!