Tabitha James Kraan Organics: Winner Of Eluxe Magazine ‘best Natural Hair Products 2018’

It is with great pride and delight that we are able to share with you all our latest international award: ELUXE Magazine ‘Best Natural Hair Products 2018’.

We are just beyond thrilled with this new and quite incredible badge of honour!

From our humble beginnings, launching in 2015 as a small, family run company in The Cotswolds with the support of our loyal salon clients, on a mission to spread the word about cleaner beauty for a healthy body and safer planet; to our now worldwide critical acclaim with multiple awards for our beloved organic products – it really has been quite a ride; and one that we hope to enjoy for many more years to come!

To celebrate our recent international award for Best Natural Hair Products 2018 ELUXE Magazine we have decided to launch a LIMITED EDITION luxury DRESSING TABLE version of our popular AMBER ROSE 4-in-1 CONDITIONER.

We have put a whopping 200ml in the same Violet Glass bottle as our Hair Perfume, with a stylish golden pump dispenser. (You can unscrew the dispenser and re-fill this high quality bottle).

Available exclusively at the Salon in Stow and online.


How it all Began

Our natural, organic hair care range came into existence in 2013, but before our official launch in 2015 the idea and development behind the much-loved TJK Organics products that are available for you to enjoy today started long before that…

In 1999, it became clear that the chemical free hair products with the high-performance results that we were longing to use on ourselves and our loved ones, not to mention our salon clients did not exist.

With studies coming out showing the harmful effects of using these toxic chemicals in our beauty routines every day and no options available to get away from this, it became very clear that if we wanted something, we were going to have to create it ourselves!

It was from that point that the development of our natural hair care began.

From researching and ethically testing all of the very best natural ingredients for glossy locks and a healthy balanced scalp, to blending our own signature scents using uplifting and calming aromatherapy oils – every step of the way we endeavoured to bring the world products that raised the natural beauty bar.

Since then, we have gone on to win award after award, year after year, for the products that we are so incredibly proud of.

We have made it our goal to not only bring all of our devoted followers a hair care range that makes them look great, smell great and feel great with the knowledge that their beauty routine is delivering amazing results without detriment to their health or our wonderful Mother Earth; but also to raise awareness about the dangers of synthetic cosmetics, leading the way in a much-needed shift in the way things work within the beauty industry.

Thank you!

We would like to say an absolutely huge THANK YOU to each and every one of you who has followed us on our journey so far, bought and enjoyed our products and helped to spread the worked about clean beauty.

Together, we can help to make the world a better place!

We look forward to sharing more exciting news, products and achievements with you as we continue to grow.