Eluxe Awards 2019: The Oscars For Vegan, Ethical And Sustainable Luxury Brands

During the recent month I was extremely busy with my work in Eluxe Magazine, and for a very good reason: I took a big part working on the Eluxe Awards (you’ve probably seen a lot about the E.A on my Instagram story) and worked closely with Chere, Eluxe’s Editor-in-Chief, in front of potential nominees and nominees. The Eluxe Awards is the world’s first ever awards presentation honouring excellence in the vegan, sustainable luxury market.

For three years now, Eluxe has been choosing the best of the best in the realm of sustainable luxury and honouring them with the Eluxe Award, the first of its kind in the industry.

ELUXE Awards Judges

Eluxe Award’s judges are some of the most known people in the Eco-fashion world , including Tamsin LeJeune of Common Objective, Patrick Duffy of Global Fashion Exchange (GFX), top model and Green Fashion Week founder Daniela Christiansson, TV personality Vanessa RaeLady Charlotte Lynham, designer, speaker and animator Maya Penn and Kenny Jackson-Forrest of Style ‘n’ Trashion to help Eluxe choose who would be honoured for an Eluxe Award in 2019.

ELUXE Awards 2019: Nominees

There were so many incredible nominees in this year’s awards, and to me, they are all winners, leading the fashion world to be more compassionate and kind to animals, to people and to the environment. Between the nominees, you could find Humour Noir, a German, vegan luxury bag brand creating breathtaking, classy, innovative and unique bags, Nat-2, the shoe brand who’s responsible to some of the most innovative vegan textiles (for example, coffee leather) TearOjoy, with their lovely vegan bags and accessories, N.S Paris, with her beautiful cork creations, Noah Italian Shoes, for some stylish, Italian vegan shoes Nae Vegan Shoes, that you’ve heard about before, Happy Genie with their outstanding apple bags and many more EPIC brands. You can see the full list of nominees here.

And the winners are…

Meet some of the 2019 Winners of the Eluxe Awards

Best emerging fashion brand

Winner: Osier

OSIER is a vegan luxury brand, combining the ethical, the timeless, and the beautiful to offer us luxurious, vegan leather bags. I know the owner of Osier, Theresa, from many fun conversations we had over on Instagram and got to know a lovely person. she started Osier after she noticed the gap in the market for true luxury, quality accessories within ethical fashion. I’ve been personally following her brand for a long while and think she absolutely deserves this award!

Judges said: “This brand gets it right in terms of not only ethics, but aesthetics. Unlike many eco-fashion brands, they know how to present their bags in the most aspirational way possible.” Also: “I love that they’ve only created a 5-piece capsule collection. That’s really all you need: a backpack, a tote, a clutch, a bucket bag and a briefcase”.

My favorite Osier bag must be the jordan bag!

Best accessories and jewellery brand

Winner: Stockholm Rose

Stockholm Rose is an Eco Friendly fine jewellery brand, handmade In Stockholm, Sweden with recycled metals, and ethically mined gemstones. absolutely love their simple, classic and minimal feminine designs, especially their Droplet Earrings in Yellow Gold

Best vegan brand of 2019

Winner: nuuwai

If nuuwaï sounds familiar to you, It’s because I actually met this incredible brand in Neonyt Berlin- nuuwaï is a German, vegan, innovative brand creating bags from APPLES! yes, I know, this is absolutely incredible: apple leather is one of the newest, most sustainable vegan leather alternatives, made out of wasted apple peels. That’s exactly why Eluxe Awards judges selected this innovative European accessories label to win the best vegan brand of 2019. Svenja Detto, the founder of nuuwai, is a positive, fun and colourful person, and seeing her passion made me realize the secret of success behind this lovely, new brand.

Judges loved the edgy styles and accessible price points” “the red berry coloured Lica bag is gorgeous – it matches the lipstick I normally wear, and would make a black outfit really pop!”

People’s choice award

Winner: Beyond Skin

Beyond Skin is one of the most known and popular vegan brands when it comes to vegan shoes: they offer a variety of stylish designs from comfy loafers and faux-exotic skin print pumps to soft suede-like ankle booties, and they are simply gorgeous! Apart from being vegan, cruelty-free and affordable, their shoes are ethically made in Spain in fair conditions and the materials they are using are eco-friendly. I really enjoy the blog they are running and their philosophy in general! They totally get my vote!

Best organic beauty brand

Winner: 100% Pure

100% Pure is the first bran I’ve heard of when I started my journey to natural, vegan, cruelty-free beauty, and for a good reason- they are a true pioneer in this field, creating fruit-pigmented makeup that nourishes your skin and acts like skincare. Their products are organic and truly pure, making them a great fit to win this award. The judged loved the fact that for every product purchased, a bowl of food is given to shelter dogs in China – and guess what? That food is vegan! Sweet!

Best up and coming beauty brand

Winner: Elate cosmetics

Elate cosmetics is probably the most Eco-friendly, sustainable makeup brand I’ve ever heard of: they are Vegan & cruelty-Free, made with clean, natural ingredients. Their products are ethically made in Canada and they only use sustainable packaging made out of bamboo. Their products are refillable, making it, also, a zero-waste friendly brand and you can easily build your own palette of makeup essentials with their incredible variety of products. I use their cream revealer concealer almost every day and love it! “The refillable bamboo packaging is a great idea, and it manages to look luxe, too,” said one. “There’s basically everything you need here, from mascara and liner to foundation and lipstick, and if you’re overwhelmed by the choices, I love that there’s a ‘create a capsule collection’ quiz that helps you determine which products are best for you,” said another.

Best natural hair care

Winner: No Ordinary

No Ordinary is a UK based vegan, cruelty-free hair-care line creating hair products from coconut, bergamont, rosemary, argan oil and many other luxurious pure ingredients. Judges appreciated that the products are housed in recyclable glass bottles, and said ‘their minimalist design complements any bathroom.’

Best clean beauty brand

Winner: Clockface beauty

Clockface Beauty skin care range is natural, organic and vegan, made in Yorkshire. This skincare brand for men and women was chosen by Eluxe judges because of its pure, natural ingredients, which include juniper berries, myrrh, frankincense and other luxurious components- no parabens or silicone, no sulphates, synthetic chemicals or artificial fragrances – just 100% natural ingredients, pure and simple. Judges liked the recyclable glass packaging and the informative website, too. “The gift sets look lovely – I’d be delighted to get one of these from someone,” one said- and I’d say that too!:)

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! there are many things Eluxe and I plan for next year’s Eluxe Awards- let’s just say next year’s awards will be much bigger and fancier!

To read about all the winners, just click here

See you soon,